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History and profile:

This Hotel Building is catalogued in the Historic Monuments Catalog of INAH (National Institute of Antorpology and History) is at the heart of the beauty and hystoric colonial city of Guanajuato.

Located on Positos #40 - in the cultural corridor of the City of Guanajuato (important tourism zone in Guanajuato)- close to the Diego Rivera Museum (house where he was born), the same street that is Guanajuatos University and where is the Granaditas Museum, hystoric site took it for th insurgents in the independence war.

This building was owned for an accommodate family and then went to the hands of a bank, to be sold to a road builder engineer from it was bought it to be remodeled it; although his architectonic structure was kept for order of INAH, which imply a greater remodel, to get a Hotel of high category and thus luxurious finshings of classic style and neoclassic arcs.